ProVeneer System

ProVeneer System

Silmet, the developer and manufacturer of ProVeneer joined forces with the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry to bring to the dental industry a new approach for preparing in office veneers. Thanks to ProVeneer, dentists can now create a single veneer in 15 minutes or less in one visit, with natural looking results at an affordable price. In just 2 minutes, ProVeneers’ patent pending Smile Preview Veneer System pre-qualifies patients, without preformed veneers, and assures gorgeous results.

With the ProVeneer System we provide all of the necessary tools that seamlessly expand your cosmetic dentistry program no matter where you practice.
What are the three main concerns patients have about cosmetic dentistry?
  • Patients have said they don’t want to have their healthy teeth “filed down just to have a nicer looking smile”. If you think like a patient, wouldn’t you be hesitant to have your enamel irreversibly removed just to enhance the appearance of your teeth?
  • Patients don’t want to have artificial looking teeth
  • Patients want to be able to afford the service

Many dentists have a tendency to think we need to place 6, 8 or 10 porcelain veneers to do a smile makeover. That becomes very expensive to our patients. As a result, very few smile makeovers are being done today. That does not benefit your patient. With ProVeneer, think like a patient.

In the past it has taken a lot of time and skill to match 1-2 veneers to the adjacent teeth. However with the new

ProVeneer system that will no longer be the case. ProVeneer allows you to create single veneers or even 2-3 veneers with ease. With ProVeneer you will customize a gorgeous in-office veneer in minutes without using preformed veneers, CADCAM or porcelain veneers. And it is not conventional direct bonding. Conventional bonding can take from 30-45 minutes per tooth and is technique sensitive.

 The breakthrough ProVeneer System allows you to create a Smile Preview Veneer in just minutes and does not require a lab bill, multiple visits or tooth reduction.

The ProVeneer System is affordable to every patient. Sounds like what your patients have always wanted and what we hoped for as well, and since this is totally reversible and not bonded to the tooth until the patient approves the procedure, patients love having a Smile Preview done.

Surveys done by the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry consistently show that 8 out of 10 patients in every dental office have at least one tooth that the patient wants to change in size, shape or appearance. That’s a lot of cosmetic dentistry that is being left undone.

Today you will do more bread and butter cosmetic dentistry with the ProVeneer System. It starts by creating a Smile Preview Veneer on every patient in your practice. ProVeneer is transforming your patient’s smiles.

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