Q: How is ProVeneer different from any other composite?

A: Proveneer has a unique balance between Bis-GMA-TEGDMA-UDMA that provide a none sticky formulation with unique polishabilty that allows fornon-porcelain veneers to be created as thin as 1 mm compared to the conventional composites that are indeed much thicker.

Adding a percentage of Non-silanated nanofill particles & high-density spheres without altering the resin-to-filler ratio allows the resin matrix to flow around them and react without constraint. Nanoclusters of silane treated zirconia/silica are homogeny distributed to provide cross-link to surrounding resin and allow for high volume-wise filler concentration.

With ProVeneer we eliminate time consuming layering and the entire procedure, including any in-office laboratory processing and cementation takes only 15 minutes per tooth. When placing conventional composites dentists are often aggravated by the tendency of the material to stick to the glove or to the plastic placement instruments. That is eliminated with ProVeneer.

ProVeneer also masks out many tooth discolorations without requiring the use of an opaque agent. Simultaneously ProVeneer’s chameleon ability maintains translucency to create a natural appearance.

Q: How is ProVeneer different form EasySmile Veneers?

A: They are the same. EasySmile Veneers were produced from the same material. Silmet and Silverman joined forces realizing that ProVeneer has a bigger opportunity leveraging from Silmet’s reputation as a high end manufacturer of dental materials with Pro-line sales in USA growing every year.

Q: Why is Silmet making it?

A: As a company that specializes in developing and producing resin materials for restorative dentistry we are always being approached by leading brand companies and individuals with requests to improve or provide a solution to certain application or physical properties of our restorative materials.

Several years ago, Dr. Harvey Silverman brought to us his patent pending idea for creating a Smile Preview Veneer, fabricated chairside in 2 minutes. He asked us to develop a material that would be strong, stain resistant and natural looking. This required modifications to one of our current compositions and years of research.

ProVeneer is the only resin based foundation material that features: Low stickiness characteristic, glistening surface appearance and the ability to make a Micro thin strong veneer. This innovative material is Silmet’s propriety and there is no other material out there that is specifically developed for making lab free custom veneers.
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